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My Deer Friend

Picture Book | Animated Video | Augmented Reality Book

Meet Daisy – a white-tailed deer who teaches children about the amazing things deers can do! Join Daisy as she runs, jumps, laughs, and hides! You’ll even meet some friends along the way.

My Deer Friend can be enjoyed as a stunning picture book, an animated video, and through Augmented Reality!

Check out the Promo Video below!

What started out as a gift for my niece on her 1st Birthday has turned into this final product.

I saw firsthand how much my niece enjoyed this illustrated book and I couldn’t resist bringing these lovable characters to life through animation!

my deer friend product shot

To manage my orders, shipments, and deliveries I created a responsive ecommerce website using Shopify.

my deer friend website mockups

As a child, I would imagine the characters of my favourite books moving from page to page; they were alive, but only in my imagination. That changed when I discovered Augmented Reality. Finally, I could make these characters appear to move directly on the pages of this book — right before my eyes! With the help of AR, my childhood dream has now become a reality.

my deer friend augmented reality demonstration
my deer friend page 2
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