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TVO Digital Learning

Funded by the Ministry of Education, TVO created interactive, online learning courses for all Ontario Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 that aligns with the Ontario curriculum. 

I worked with a team of talented illustrators to create thousands of illustrations and several animations for both the Elementary and Secondary courses. These illustrations not only compliment the course material but enrich the content with beautiful art and lovable characters. 

The course contained characters of all races, genders, and abilities as well as different ages for the characters depending on the Course Grade.

A collection of illustrations I created for various courses. 

Art and curriculum work together to enrich the content. Interactive elements such as Brainstorms, Matching, Accordions, and Carousels keep the content interesting and engaging. 

tvo brainstorm screenshot
tvo accordion screenshot
tvo carousel screenshot
tvo art screenshot

Animated Body Rigs were used for the Physical Education courses to visually show exercises and stretches.

Animated GIFs were created to bring Science illustrations to life!

sewer drain gif
hannah lever gif
dna gif
digestion animation gif

Early concept designs for Congratulatory Sticker GIFs to be shown after a student completes a course.

ryan guitar sticker gif
turtle sticker gif

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