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Your All-In-One UAV Information Kit

With the growing popularity of drones, more people are recklessly flying in public or crowded areas tarnishing the reputation of this soaring industry. This all-in-one UAV information kit aims to educate and inspire drone enthusiasts.

drone pro kit package
drone pro kit

An illustrative timeline for the history of pilotless flying.

drone pro timeline graphic

A manual including everything a drone user should know to fly safely and legally.

drone pro manual

An app that allows you to locate other drone users in your area.

drone pro app screens 1

Search for “No Fly Zones” and scenic sites; or submit a site of your own!

drone pro app screens 2

Create a profile to track and share your sites.

drone pro app screens 3
drone pro app screens 4

The kit comes with branded stickers to deck out your drone.

drone pro stickers

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