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The David Dunlap Observatory

Corporate Identity Rebrand

The David Dunlap Observatory was opened in Richmond Hill, ON by Clarence Augustus Chant in 1935. It was originally owned by the Department of Astronomy at the University of Toronto for astronomical research and housed the second largest telescope of its time. The observatory was financed by Jessie Dunlap and named in honour of her late husband, David.
DDO old photo of buildings

Light pollution and land development has ceased any scientific research and use for the observatory. The future of the Observatory aims to become a science centre for children and inspire the next generation of star gazers. With that in mind, the new identity aimed to evoke child-like curiosity.

DDO building

The phases of the moon inspired the new logo identity.

Turning from a crescent, to half, and finally a full moon, the letters D-D-O are revealed.

DDO logo

Combined with the logo is a pattern of constellations – interesting characters written in the stars. The pattern harkens back to a child’s imagination and encourages children to keep looking up.

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