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Card Games

Go Fish | Spelling Bee | All Aboard

Three card games designed for children to play and learn. Each game comes with instructions for their specific game on the back of their sleeve.

game sleeves
game logos

Go Fish

The box opens like a sardine can and features colourful illustrations of fish on each card. Each fish correspond with their number (2 – Tuna, 6 – Salmon, Jack – Jackfish, and so on). The numbers or the illustrations can be used for a fun game of Go Fish.

go fish cards

Spelling Bee

The box opens like a book and can be played as a spelling game using the letters on each card.

spelling bee packaging
spelling bee cards

All Aboard

The box opens like a matchbox and can be played as a matching game using the illustrations on each card. When put in order from 1-10, the cards create a train from the engine to the caboose for each suit.

all aboard cards
2015 adobe design achievement awards semifinalist packaging design banner

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