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Card Games

Go Fish | Spelling Bee | All Aboard

Three card games designed for children to play and learn. Each game comes with instructions for their specific game on the back of their sleeve.

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Go Fish

The box opens like a sardine can and features colourful illustrations of fish on each card. Each fish correspond with their number (2 – Tuna, 6 – Salmon, Jack – Jackfish, and so on). The numbers or the illustrations can be used for a fun game of Go Fish.

go fish cards

Spelling Bee

The box opens like a book and can be played as a spelling game using the letters on each card.

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spelling bee cards

All Aboard

The box opens like a matchbox and can be played as a matching game using the illustrations on each card. When put in order from 1-10, the cards create a train from the engine to the caboose for each suit.

all aboard cards
2015 adobe design achievement awards semifinalist packaging design banner

Other Work

The David Dunlap Observatory Corporate Identity

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The David Dunlap Observatory

Corporate Identity Rebrand

The David Dunlap Observatory was opened in Richmond Hill, ON by Clarence Augustus Chant in 1935. It was originally owned by the Department of Astronomy at the University of Toronto for astronomical research and housed the second largest telescope of its time. The observatory was financed by Jessie Dunlap and named in honour of her late husband, David.
DDO old photo of buildings

Light pollution and land development has ceased any scientific research and use for the observatory. The future of the Observatory aims to become a science centre for children and inspire the next generation of star gazers. With that in mind, the new identity aimed to evoke child-like curiosity.

DDO building

The phases of the moon inspired the new logo identity.

Turning from a crescent, to half, and finally a full moon, the letters D-D-O are revealed.

DDO logo

Combined with the logo is a pattern of constellations – interesting characters written in the stars. The pattern harkens back to a child’s imagination and encourages children to keep looking up.

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DDO logo specs page
DDO business cards page
DDO colours page
DDO tshirt and quote
DDO binoculars and bus design

Other Work


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Your All-In-One UAV Information Kit

With the growing popularity of drones, more people are recklessly flying in public or crowded areas tarnishing the reputation of this soaring industry. This all-in-one UAV information kit aims to educate and inspire drone enthusiasts.

drone pro kit package
drone pro kit

An illustrative timeline for the history of pilotless flying.

drone pro timeline graphic

A manual including everything a drone user should know to fly safely and legally.

drone pro manual

An app that allows you to locate other drone users in your area.

drone pro app screens 1

Search for “No Fly Zones” and scenic sites; or submit a site of your own!

drone pro app screens 2

Create a profile to track and share your sites.

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The kit comes with branded stickers to deck out your drone.

drone pro stickers

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