TVO Digital Learning

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TVO Digital Learning

Funded by the Ministry of Education, TVO created interactive, online learning courses for all Ontario Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 that aligns with the Ontario curriculum. 

I worked with a team of talented illustrators to create thousands of illustrations and several animations for both the Elementary and Secondary courses. These illustrations not only compliment the course material but enrich the content with beautiful art and lovable characters. 

The course contained characters of all races, genders, and abilities as well as different ages for the characters depending on the Course Grade.

A collection of illustrations I created for various courses. 

Art and curriculum work together to enrich the content. Interactive elements such as Brainstorms, Matching, Accordions, and Carousels keep the content interesting and engaging. 

tvo brainstorm screenshot
tvo accordion screenshot
tvo carousel screenshot
tvo art screenshot

Animated Body Rigs were used for the Physical Education courses to visually show exercises and stretches.

Animated GIFs were created to bring Science illustrations to life!

sewer drain gif
hannah lever gif
dna gif
digestion animation gif

Early concept designs for Congratulatory Sticker GIFs to be shown after a student completes a course.

ryan guitar sticker gif
turtle sticker gif

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Motion Graphics

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Motion Graphics

A collection of motion graphics and animations I have designed throughout the years.

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My Deer Friend

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My Deer Friend

Picture Book | Animated Video | Augmented Reality Book

Meet Daisy – a white-tailed deer who teaches children about the amazing things deers can do! Join Daisy as she runs, jumps, laughs, and hides! You’ll even meet some friends along the way.

My Deer Friend can be enjoyed as a stunning picture book, an animated video, and through Augmented Reality!

Check out the Promo Video below!

What started out as a gift for my niece on her 1st Birthday has turned into this final product.

I saw firsthand how much my niece enjoyed this illustrated book and I couldn’t resist bringing these lovable characters to life through animation!

my deer friend product shot

To manage my orders, shipments, and deliveries I created a responsive ecommerce website using Shopify.

my deer friend website mockups

As a child, I would imagine the characters of my favourite books moving from page to page; they were alive, but only in my imagination. That changed when I discovered Augmented Reality. Finally, I could make these characters appear to move directly on the pages of this book — right before my eyes! With the help of AR, my childhood dream has now become a reality.

my deer friend augmented reality demonstration
my deer friend page 2
Visit for more details!

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The Simpsons in 4D

the simpsons in 4d

The Simpsons in 4D

Myrtle Beach, SC​

Located in South Carolina’s most popular tourist destination – Broadway at the Beach –The Simpsons in 4D is an immersive guest experience with authentic recreations of the show’s famous Kwik-E-Mart and iconic Aztec Theater, which shows a 4D film starring The Simpsons.

As one of the lead designers on the project, my team and I were responsible for creating custom
character art and graphics throughout the entire attraction.

the simpsons in 4d attraction

Guests can receive a souvenir photo taken with life-size sculpts of Homer, Marge, and Maggie.

family posing with homer, marge, and maggie

Custom character art and impressive real-world finishes can be found inside of the Aztec Theater while guests wait for the show to begin.

The 4D Experience® is a 15-minute multi-sensory experience incorporating a mix of custom and existing content. Guests enter the state-of-the-art 4D Theater with projection mapping, 3D visuals, motion seats, and dynamic special effects.

homer dodging a fireball on the screen of the theater

After the show, guests explore and shop in the famous Kwik-E-Mart. The fully-themed convenience store features a wide array of well-known products from the show including Buzz Cola, Lard Lad Donuts, and six show-inspired Squishee flavors. In addition to these Springfield staples, the Kwik-E-Mart offers a variety of food and beverage options and unique Simpsons merchandise.

inside of the kwik-e-mart
guest pouring a squishee

The Simpsons in 4D was created as a collaboration among SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment, FoxNext Destinations, and Gracie Films. All aspects of the attraction were designed to the highest quality standards to deliver an authentic experience for fans of all ages.

kwik-e-mart back view from lake

THE SIMPSONS TM & © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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Angry Birds: The 4D Experience

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Angry Birds: The 4D Experience
Trivia Loop

Guests are entertained by this trivia loop while they wait for Angry Birds: The 4D Experience to begin. The trivia loop introduces guests to the beloved characters from the hit mobile game along with scientific tidbits.

Below is a sizzle reel highlighting some animated moments from the trivia loop.

Play Video

An assortment of stills from the trivia loop.

meet red trivia loop slide
did you know bomb trivia loop slide
meet the blue trivia loop slide
physics at play trajectory trivia loop slide
king pig trivia loop slide

Angry Birds™ & © 2020 Rovio Entertainment Corporation and Rovio Animation Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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Card Games

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Card Games

Go Fish | Spelling Bee | All Aboard

Three card games designed for children to play and learn. Each game comes with instructions for their specific game on the back of their sleeve.

game sleeves
game logos

Go Fish

The box opens like a sardine can and features colourful illustrations of fish on each card. Each fish correspond with their number (2 – Tuna, 6 – Salmon, Jack – Jackfish, and so on). The numbers or the illustrations can be used for a fun game of Go Fish.

go fish cards

Spelling Bee

The box opens like a book and can be played as a spelling game using the letters on each card.

spelling bee packaging
spelling bee cards

All Aboard

The box opens like a matchbox and can be played as a matching game using the illustrations on each card. When put in order from 1-10, the cards create a train from the engine to the caboose for each suit.

all aboard cards
2015 adobe design achievement awards semifinalist packaging design banner

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The David Dunlap Observatory Corporate Identity

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The David Dunlap Observatory

Corporate Identity Rebrand

The David Dunlap Observatory was opened in Richmond Hill, ON by Clarence Augustus Chant in 1935. It was originally owned by the Department of Astronomy at the University of Toronto for astronomical research and housed the second largest telescope of its time. The observatory was financed by Jessie Dunlap and named in honour of her late husband, David.
DDO old photo of buildings

Light pollution and land development has ceased any scientific research and use for the observatory. The future of the Observatory aims to become a science centre for children and inspire the next generation of star gazers. With that in mind, the new identity aimed to evoke child-like curiosity.

DDO building

The phases of the moon inspired the new logo identity.

Turning from a crescent, to half, and finally a full moon, the letters D-D-O are revealed.

DDO logo

Combined with the logo is a pattern of constellations – interesting characters written in the stars. The pattern harkens back to a child’s imagination and encourages children to keep looking up.

DDO logo animation gif
DDO logo specs page
DDO business cards page
DDO colours page
DDO tshirt and quote
DDO binoculars and bus design

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Your All-In-One UAV Information Kit

With the growing popularity of drones, more people are recklessly flying in public or crowded areas tarnishing the reputation of this soaring industry. This all-in-one UAV information kit aims to educate and inspire drone enthusiasts.

drone pro kit package
drone pro kit

An illustrative timeline for the history of pilotless flying.

drone pro timeline graphic

A manual including everything a drone user should know to fly safely and legally.

drone pro manual

An app that allows you to locate other drone users in your area.

drone pro app screens 1

Search for “No Fly Zones” and scenic sites; or submit a site of your own!

drone pro app screens 2

Create a profile to track and share your sites.

drone pro app screens 3
drone pro app screens 4

The kit comes with branded stickers to deck out your drone.

drone pro stickers

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